A Sentence is a group of words that expresses a single complete thought.

There are four types of sentence:

1. Declarative; a sentence that tells or declares something;
  • That is mine.
2. Imperative; a sentence that expresses a command;
  • Give me that!
3. Interrogative; a sentence that asks a question; 
  • Is that mine?
4. Exclamatory; a declarative, imperative, or interrogative sentence that conveys excitement or expresses strong emotions, such as terror, surprise, or anger;
“Yes, I passed the test!”
“Ugh! What are eating?”
“No, I am not!”
“Happy Birthday!”
“Thank you very much!”
“Fantastic, let’s go!”
“You are the best!”
“Wow, that’s great!”
“What a great idea!”
“How strange!
“That book is so boring!”
“You’re such a liar!”

Adapted from: Practical Grammar and Composition, by Thomas Wood

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